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Groundbreaker Non-Stim Pre-Workout

27 reviews

Groundbreaker is our flagship non-stim pump pre-workout.

Carefully formulated using the best quality ingredients to help you push your limits and maximize every workout.

Our formula is built to increase vasodilation and nutrient delivery both during and post workout, helping to increase strength, volume and recovery while reducing fatigue.

Our full serve is packed with over 14 grams of clinically dosed nitric oxide boosters, essential B vitamins and natural fruit extracts to give you the most groundbreaking PUMP you've ever experienced!

To get the best results from Groundbreaker we recommend taking it 15-30 mins prior to working out. Simply mix 1-2 scoops in a shaker with enough water to achieve your desired level of flavour & sweetness and enjoy!

 All of our formulas have a 100% transparent label.


Free from caffeine and other stimulants. Just raw power with no crash

Vegan Friendly

Gluten free and vegan friendly formula. For anyone chasing a stronger and more powerful workout


18 months when stored in a cool dry place below 21 degrees. Keep out of direct sunlight, in a low moisture environment


Not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant women. Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision



This complex is designed with vasodilation and nutrient delivery in mind, however many of these ingredients can achieve the following:

  • Increased time to exhaustion
  • Delayed muscle fatigue
  • Improved recovery times
  • Reduce post workout soreness
  • Improved strength

By understanding what each ingredient can help achieve, you then understand why this formula is an industry leader.

Citrulline Malate

6000mg (Clinical Dosage 4000-8000mg)

The difference between L-citrulline and Citrulline Malate is the addition of malic acid. That may seem like a minor detail, but it can have a significant impact on your performance.

Malate serves as an important component in the tricarboxylic (or TCA) cycle, which is one way your body produces energy. When you increase malate levels, you increase energy production. Therefore, citrulline malate provides the one-two punch of bringing additional blood—and subsequently, oxygen and nutrients—to exercising muscles, as well as providing increased energy to boost performance levels.

Beta Alanine

2400mg (Clinical Dosage 2400-3600mg)

Beta-alanine is safe and well-tolerated non-essential amino acid that offers several potential benefits, particularly for athletes and bodybuilders.

Beta-alanine increases endurance and performance by increasing the levels of carnosine in muscles, which helps buffer acid build-up during exercise. This buffering capacity can delay the onset of muscle fatigue, allowing individuals to sustain high-intensity workouts for longer durations.

Studies suggest that beta-alanine supplementation may promote muscle growth, possibly due to its ability to enhance exercise capacity and stimulate muscle protein synthesis.


2000mg (Clinical Dosage 1000-2000mg)

Betaine supplementation shows promise for enhancing exercise performance, supporting muscle growth and recovery, promoting cardiovascular health, and aiding in liver function and digestive health. Betaine promotes protein synthesis and reduces markers of muscle damage after intense exercise which can lead to faster recovery times and potentially greater gains in muscle mass over time.


1500mg (Clinical Dosage 1500mg)

Nitrosigine is a patented form of the amino acid arginine, bonded with silicon. It shows promise as a supplement for improving exercise performance, enhancing muscle pump and recovery, reducing fatigue and potentially supporting cognitive and cardiovascular health. You won’t find it in many pre-workout formulas due to its high input cost.

Nitrosigine enhances nitric oxide production in the body, leading to improved blood flow and vasodilation. This can result in better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscles during exercise, potentially enhancing performance and endurance.

Agmatine Sulfate

1000mg (Clinical Dosage 500-1000mg)

Agmatine, a metabolite of the amino acid arginine shows promise for various health benefits, including pain relief, mood improvement, athletic performance enhancement, neuroprotection, and cognitive enhancement.

Agmatine has been shown to have neuroprotective effects and may act as a neurotransmitter or neuromodulator in the brain. Research suggests that it may have antidepressant and anxiolytic effects, potentially improving mood and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Studies also suggest that agmatine supplementation may improve cognitive function, including memory, learning, and attention. It may also protect against age-related cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases.

Agmatine supplementation has also been linked to improved endurance, strength, and performance during exercise by enhancing blood flow, nutrient delivery, and oxygen uptake to muscles, leading to better workout performance and recovery. Agmatine also modulates nitric oxide (NO) synthesis and release, which plays a crucial role in vasodilation and blood flow regulation. By regulating NO levels, agmatine may support cardiovascular health and improve blood flow to tissues and organs.


800mg (Clinical Dosage 800mg)

Pomegranate extract can be a valuable natural supplement for individuals looking to enhance their workout performance, improve recovery, and support overall health.

Pomegranate extract contains bioactive compounds like polyphenols and nitrates, which have been shown to enhance exercise performance by increasing endurance, reducing fatigue, and improving overall exercise capacity. It has also been shown to increase nitric oxide (NO) production in the body, which can improve blood flow and vasodilation. This may result in better nutrient delivery to muscles during exercise, leading to improved performance and muscle pump.

Pomegranate extract contains compounds with potent anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce exercise-induced inflammation and protect against chronic inflammation associated with intense training regimens. This may also benefit your joint health by reducing inflammation and pain associated with intense workouts, potentially improving overall joint function and flexibility.


600mg (Clinical Dosage 500mg)

Beetroot extract can be a valuable supplement for individuals looking to enhance their workout performance, improve recovery, and support cardiovascular health.

Beetroot extract is rich in nitrates, which can enhance exercise performance by increasing nitric oxide (NO) production in the body. This leads to improved blood flow and vasodilation, potentially enhancing endurance, reducing fatigue, and increasing exercise capacity.

Studies suggest that beetroot extract supplementation may lead to a reduction in oxygen consumption during exercise, allowing individuals to sustain physical activity for longer durations before reaching exhaustion. It has been shown to improve power output and sprint performance, likely due to its effects on nitric oxide production and muscle efficiency. This can benefit athletes participating in activities requiring short bursts of high-intensity effort.

Potassium Phosphate

240mg (Clinical Dosage 100mg)

Potassium phosphate, a water-soluble salt of phosphoric acid, can be a valuable supplement for individuals looking to optimize their workout performance, support muscle function and recovery, and maintain proper electrolyte balance during exercise.

Potassium phosphate serves as an electrolyte, helping to maintain proper fluid balance in the body during exercise. This is crucial for hydration, muscle function, and overall performance, particularly in activities involving prolonged or intense exertion.

Phosphates, such as those found in potassium phosphate, play a vital role in energy metabolism, including the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the primary energy currency of cells. By supporting energy production, potassium phosphate may help sustain exercise intensity and endurance. Phosphates are also essential for bone mineralization and bone health and contribute to overall bone strength and density.



Sodium is essential for optimizing performance, hydration, muscle function, and recovery during workouts and physical activity.

Sodium plays a key role in muscle contraction by facilitating the transmission of nerve impulses to muscle cells. Proper sodium levels are essential for efficient muscle function, strength, and power output during exercise.

Sodium helps facilitate the absorption of water and other nutrients in the intestines. This is particularly important during exercise when fluid and nutrient uptake are increased to support energy production, muscle function, and recovery.

Vitamin Complex (B3, B6, B9 & B12)

B3 (Niacin) 48mg (Clinical Dosage 16mg)

B6 (Pyridoxine) 48mg (Clinical Dosage 20mg)

B9 (Methyl Folate) 400mcg (Clinical Dosage 400-800mcg)

B12 (Methyl Cobalamine) 400mcg (Clinical Dosage 240-1000mcg)

B3, B6, B9, and B12 are essential nutrients that play vital roles in energy metabolism, muscle function, red blood cell production and nervous system function. Ensuring adequate intake of these vitamins through a balanced diet or supplementation may help optimize exercise performance, reduce fatigue, and support recovery and muscle growth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sheratyn Campbell
Groundbreaker non stim pre

Decided to give this a try as I was wanting to get off caffeine for a while. The flavour is really nice and definitely felt a good pump at the gym . Will definitely buy again . Hopefully in the future there will be more flavours but still happy with the Candyland one.

Emma-Lea J.
Go to Preworkout

If you’re looking for the ultimate pump, this is it. Amazing taste, mixes perfectly and no aftertaste. The workout is incredible and I feel I have the best pump on this. My go to preworkout, being non stim it doesn’t matter what time of the day I take it, I don’t have to worry about not sleeping.

Amazing ingredients and the taste is out of this world

This is my favourite pre workout! Tastes amazing with properly dosed ingredients unlike others on the market. Being stim free, it’s great for late afternoon workouts and gives me incredible pumps!

I love coffee too much to take stimulant pre workout, this caffeine free supp is a game changer

20 years of taking different supps and this is by far the best I’ve ever had. Being non-stim, you can enjoy a coffee and not worry about going over your caffeine limit for the day. Now I can take it without making hard decision, I’m taking it more regularly and it’s totally got me back on track with training. My mate and I love smashing this together, having a chat until the beta-alanine kicks in and having a mad seshie. We both really like the flavour too. Other supp brands haven’t masked the ingredients well and kind of make you sick! Thanks Gymbros!

Nick Del Borrello
Staple Supp

This one has been a staple in my pre workout routine for a while, provides great endurance to keep my training intensity high without any form of energy crash after