PURE WPI Protein

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GYMBROs Pure Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) delivers a clean, untarnished protein with a formula that proudly excludes fillers, gums, and thickeners.

Our commitment to uncompromising quality is evident in every scoop. Our WPI provides 25 grams of protein per serve, and includes a potent source of essential amino acids crucial for muscle recovery and growth.

Experience the benefits of our WPI over traditional Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC).  Our WPI undergoes an additional filtration process, resulting in a product with a lower lactose and fat content. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a protein source that's not only exceptionally pure but also gentle on the digestive system.

Our Premium Whey Protein Isolate is a commitment to your fitness journey. Elevate your standards; choose our Premium Whey Protein Isolate for a cleaner, leaner, and more impactful protein experience.

All of our formulas have a 100% transparent label.

Flavour: Choc-Malt
Flavour: Choc-Malt
Clean Formula

No fillers, gums, thickeners or emulsifiers

High Protein Content

Rich in protein and essential amino acids and low in fat and carbohydrates

Rapid Absorption

Quickly absorbed by the body and gentle on the digestive system


The isolation process virtually removes all lactose, making it suitable for many lactose intolerant individuals.

DRINK: Mix one scoop (30g) of PURE WPI Protein with 300-400ml of cold water, milk, juice or your favorite beverage and shake well.

FOOD: Also great to add to meals like oats, smoothies, yoghurt & desserts.

This product is instantised for easy mixing.




Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Wayne Sullivan
I really wanted to like this…

Have to say first, I’ve had the NFT’s for a long time now so I get the discounted price. I really wanted to like this so that I could tell others it was worth getting.

It definitely is! It’s smooth, mixes easily, delicious and has a phenomenal nutritional profile. It’s everything you could want in a high quality protein. Even my two year old loves it! Well done team.


Absolutely incredible taste. Mixes perfectly! Have not been this obsessed with a protein in years.

Best Protein on the Market!

Easily the best protein out. Super smooth mix and both flavours taste amazing. I only use GB Supps, they are the top brand that really researches and incorporates only the best ingredients, ending up with the best quality!

Best protein powder by far

Genuinely the best i've ever tried, I bought one for a mate also and almost didn't give it to them cos it was that good lol, instead I just ordered another shipment. Mixes so well, digests so well, tastes so f-ing good!!

Cleanest WPI around

Absolutely love love love the WPI from Gymbros!
No, gums, fillers or other BS.
Mixes amazingly in water and tastes AMAZING!
Have made plenty of protein filled recipes with it too and it doesn't disappoint.
Will be buying for many years to come!